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Image Selection Pepper Nix will provide the Bride and Groom with design consultation and recommendation as well as advice in the selection of photographs based on her knowledge of the available proofs and the Couple’s plans for the Wedding Album.

Wedding Day “Negatives” A full-resolution CD containing the Wedding Day digital images. This can be printed from for personal use at the lab of your choice. $2000 or free with purchase of 70 side album or equivalent Queensberry MAtted Album The name Queensberry Albums, based in New Zealand, has always been synonymous with the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship. We are proud to offer their selection of contemporary matted album for those Brides who are looking for a more traditional look than the Flush-Mount Albums, and yet don’t want the same album their mother has. Each album is custom designed and hand-assembled on white or black mattes. $200 per side 11x14 Flush-Mount Album Our most popular offering. In a flush-mount Album, the photographic images are ‘flush’ with the edge of the page. These Albums can hold a maximum of 200 images each, and are just stunning to behold. We offer over 110 different leathers, as well as the ARMOUR cover [pictured right] with a printed image on a hard metal surface. For more pictures, options, and details on the Flush-Mount Albums, please see our online blog. $85 per side The Wedding Book Wedding Books are custom press printed books. They are only available in 2 thicknesses, either 200 or 300 sides. They are 8x8” square, and can hold up to 400 images. There are over 50 different cover materials available, including several leathers. For more details and images of Wedding Books, please see our online blog. $40 per side 8x8 Duplicate “parent” album/book $1000 A parent album is an exact duplicate of the Bride’s Wedding Album, except that it is smaller in size, but with the exact same amount of sides. So if the Bride orders a 100 side Album, the Parent Album is 100 sides, but with a significant savings. Parent Albums are always $1000 - regardless of how many sides the original Album has. Print Pricing Prints 4x6/5x7 $35 8x10 $50 11x14 $90 16x20 $150 Invitation Inserts [4x5 or 5x5] $1 each [minimum 100] Please call for larger or custom sizes, fine art, and canvas prints

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